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We seek out the finest local artisans who mass produce nothing and use only the finest ingredients available. The goods they provide us with have been produced by their families for generations and they have perfected their old-world methods to create products unlike any you will see on a supermarket shelf.
How our service works Log on to our website, click on the fresh, local products you wish to have delivered and hit enter; that's it! You'll wake up in the morning and find them waiting for you in your milk box fresh and cold. Follow the link below to see how simple it is to have the finest quality local, farm-fresh dairy products and handcrafted artisan foods delivered right to your front door.
Feeding Our Cows Natural How do you produce artisanal grade milk that is richer, more nutritious and better tasting than ANY commercial milk you will ever get from the store? By milking the finest, European bred dairy cows in the world, feeding them the best Mother Nature has to offer and caring for them as if they're household pets. The result is glass-bottled milk that most people tell us is the best they've ever had. You will taste the difference between our milk and what you've been getting from the store; we guarantee it!

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Green Market Dairy is a family owned New Jersey business with one mission; to bring that wonderful “Country Farm Stand” into the home of families that care about what they eat, where it comes from and how it was processed. We are the "old fashioned milkman" redesigned for the modern family.  Working with a select group of small family farms, we deliver the finest quality glass-bottled milk available and the freshest eggs you’ll ever eat straight from the henhouse.  We also offer other farm fresh dairy products and local foods far superior to those you’ll see on any supermarket shelf.  We make it easy to eat fresh, local and healthy and offer your family exceptional taste and unbeatable nutrition. 


Although we’re known for the freshest, most nutritious milk, dairy and eggs available, we are working with local artisans to broaden our fresh offerings to provide more choice and added convenience.  It's our promise to you that our never ending search for exceptional new products will always keep your shopping experience with us fresh, exciting and mouth-wateringly delicious.


We’ll make sure your family drinks only the freshest milk available and we’ll bring a pleasant country spirit to your food shopping.  


We look forward to serving you and we guarantee that our commitment to your family will show in every aspect of our business. 


The Green Market Team


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